From 60 to 700 kVA
A genset with an approved trailer is a roadworthy vehicle, designed to transport our gensets with maximum safety, therefore it is necessary to be meticulous with its maintenance.
Also available in the non-approved trailer version, this option is suitable for transporting the generator on construction sites, quarries, etc., without having to travel on public roads.
In the generator version with an approved trailer, which exceeds 750 kg, it must be registered with a red plate, taking into account whether the user requires an E or B license for circulation.
Necessary when the sum of the maximum permissible weight of the vehicle plus trailer exceeds 3,500 kg. 
This situation occurs for approved trailers, as it is not necessary or slow trailers as their function is limited to maneuvering in agricultural areas without road access.
The maximum towable mass (indicated in the vehicle's technical data sheet) without brakes and with brakes may be modified when passing the ITV inspection of the coupling, in which case it will be reflected in the remarks of the technical data sheet.
It is also necessary to insure the towed genset, municipal tax (stamp).
Regarding the I.T.V., the towed genset, after being registered, requires inspection every two years until it is six years old, after six years the inspection is annual until it is ten years old, after ten years the inspections will be done every six months.

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