From 60 to 700 kVA
The Rental Range Series, in addition to the ALFA GENERATORS power units, is a line specially designed to meet the needs of the rental and public works sector, and is intended for temporary power supply in stationary and towable versions.
ALFA GENERATORS (ALFA-CISUR GROUP) Rental Range Series diesel generators have all the features of design and innovation that make them one of the most technologically advanced energy products in Europe.
They include a new post-treatment system to guarantee the reduction of gas emissions into the atmosphere, in compliance with the most stringent environmental safety standards, according to European regulation UNE 2016/1628.
A wide range of accessories, such as pre-filter systems, plugs and different electrical connection configurations, are available to meet additional needs.

Any temporary energy needs that require rental energy, their main use are concerts, all kinds of events, public works, mining sector, underground structures, water treatment, telecommunications among others.

Diesel engine with STAGE III A and STAGE V standards.
Generators for unlimited use in temporary jobs.
- Adjustable differential from 65 KVA LTP.
- Oversized fuel tank for 24 hours of autonomy with oversized filler neck.
- Anti-drip tray to collect 100% of engine fluids.
- Reduction of up to 90 % of gas emissions to the atmosphere.
- Large access doors with document holders.
- Upper and lower lift, lifting hook and forklift access).
- Control panel protected against harsh weather conditions.
- Oversized and robust skid for protection against shocks during handling operations.
- Equipped with trailer hitch hook for towing, slow or approved.
- Three-phase and single-phase configurable socket base kit.
- Three-way valve for filling the tank or external tank.
- Battery disconnector.
Rental range
Development of generatoring sets and automatisms with our own technology
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Certificados de calidad
ALFACISUR GROUP makes available to its stakeholders the quality policy in force, the quality management system certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
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