The 6 or 12 m. (20' y 40´)
At ALPHA GENERATORS we process and soundproof containers following the requirement and specification of the generator already in the possession of the customer. 
Soundproof containers are a robust, dynamic system that is easy to transport both by land and sea. We manufacture these containers starting from the maritime standard 6 or 12 m. (20' and 40'), we deliver the certified containers (CSC), with documentation and registration in force.
We house in them all types of generators that are demanded, generally heavy range series. We can accommodate up to 2,200 KVA per soundproof container unit, multiplying the power with the parallel solution. The standard models in normal conditions reach a sound pressure attenuation of 78 dB(A) at 7 m., in special versions we reach this attenuation of 72 dB(A) at 7 m. We incorporate noise-reducing silencers at the air inlet and outlet. It is also equipped with an access hole for the cable outlet. The main sources of noise emissions to be taken into account when soundproofing a genset are those caused by the mechanical forces of the engine, the radiator and the motor exhaust.
We insulate the containers with rock wool of 80 mm thickness and 100 kg/m density, maximum security against fire, with security grade "MOM-1" and protected with a perforated sheet. The container can be equipped with a fuel tank of different capacities, including a liquid retention tray and interior lighting on customer's request. The customer can choose the final paint finish (according to RAL).
Regardless of the size of the container (20' or 40'), we work on the project with the customer, providing the interior with a non-slip aluminum floor with floor fixing templates, double side access doors with anti-panic locks and one of them with a porthole viewer for supervision from the outside.
Sound container range
Development of generatoring sets and automatisms with our own technology
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